Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Mystery Is Why This Makes Some People Uncomfortable

"The Mystery Is Why This Makes Some People Uncomfortable" from Ms. Tree Special #9 (DC, 1992) by Max Allan Collins, Terry Beatty and Gary Kato
The hard-boiled detective with an axe to grind with the mob ended her story at DC in a Quarterly ("Special" on #9 and 10) ten years after crime novelist Max Allan Collins started it at Eclipse Comics, and continued it at Aardvark-Vanaheim and then Renegade, where she enjoyed the longest run. About the splash: Ms. Tree Quarterly wasn't a very splashy series, but I think sometimes it's nice to feature a day-in-the-life image to contrast with all the superhero action pin-ups.


  1. Actually it's quite tastefully done. That is what they are FOR actually.

    The same people went bananas of the first issue of Saga, for the same reason.

  2. Of all the things to be offended by in Saga!

  3. I know! Personally I liked the issue where we found out what Marko's horns were used for!