Wednesday, July 31, 2013


"Hyperdrive" from The Omega Men vol.1 #5 (DC, 1983) by Roger Slifer, Keith Giffen and Mike DeCarlo
The first few issues of Omega Men, featuring Giffen art, made present-day outer space DC look a heck of a lot like the 30th century. Giffen was obviously using the same style. I suppose he kept that up in LEGION. I hear the good issues are the ones by Todd Klein and Shawn McManus from the second year on, but my almost zero interest in these guys meant I missed them.


  1. I've got a few sketchbook pages full of notes from the first twenty issues of Omega Men, I'm planning on writing up reviews of each issue individually. There's some interesting concepts batted around, but the book is ... troubled.

    Weird that so many writers better known as editors tried their hand at this title.

  2. Let me know when you start these write-ups, I'd love to experience it through your eyes.

  3. I think the series came out around the same time the Baxter glossy editions of Giffen's LSH came out.

  4. More than a year before, actually. On Omega Men, he was still using his LSH/Great Darkness style. In LSH vol.2, he started experimenting with the more expressionistic Ambush Bug style.