Monday, July 22, 2013

The Titans in This Picture Aren't the Giant Lizard Men

"The Titans in This Picture Aren't the Giant Lizard Men" from New Teen Titans vol.1 #1 (DC, 1980) by Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Romeo Tanghal
I can't believe New Teen Titans started as far back as 1980! But then I came in very late on the book, by which time it had already become "Tales of", though before it started reprinting the Baxter series. Still, with George Perez handling the art on many issues, it's nice to go back. The title makes me wonder if "Teen Titans" was somehow tainted that it needed that clumsy "New" in front of it. I mean, they stayed the NEW Teen Titans or NEW Titans for years and years. They outgrew the Teen, but not the New? Who was YOUR favorite new Titan? If I can't say Robin/Nightwing or Wonder Girl (old Titans), I guess I'd have to say Cyborg. The clearest concept and frankly deserving of the attention DC is almost spending on him right now.


  1. Donna Troy was my favourite TT for me.
    But that's cause Im a WW fan so Im partial to her.
    Have you got the two Omnibus hardbacks of New Teen Titans? I have and theyr great reading, a bit too melodramatic at times but that's the 80s for you.

  2. No, I'm nowhere near enough a fan of the franchise to splurge like that. My favorite Titans are the Haney ones from the 60s (including the Year 1 mini from a few years back).

  3. Great column.. During the '80s I made a KILLER deal for a dozen of the best Haney '60s Titan books for $5 each. All were NM.. I WISH I would have bought 'em all, but only had the money for a dozen or so. Awesome covers.

    Fav Titans..? Will always be the originals, especially Wally, Roy and Garth. They were used pretty well in NTT. I probably like Cyborg or Kori the best for the new ones, but they were all well-done characters. I probably won't pick up the Omnibus (to save cash..), but I still have the first 40 issues of NTT. After that, the charm dropped off, and I should have stopped collecting when Perez left.

    Ish 39 when Dick and Wally hang up their uniforms was my least fav issue.