Friday, July 26, 2013

(The) Hell (I Suffer) Seems a Heaven

"(The) Hell (I Suffer) Seems a Heaven" from Night Force vol.2 #4 (DC, 1997) by Marv Wolfman and Eduardo Barreto
Wolfman revived Night Force for DC's so-called "Weirdoverse" line of dark-but-not-Vertigo books in the late 90s, along with Scare Tactics, Challengers of the Unknown and Book of Fate, most of which lasted a mere 12 issues (18 for the Chals). Though I used a Barreto splash above, he only did the one issue. Brent Anderson started on the book and seemed as good a descendent of Gene Colan's as Tom Mandrake on the more recent mini-series (as a mini, I won't splash it here), but the book quickly fell to more stylishly extreme artists (good but unlike Colan). By this point, Wolfman's horror work read somewhat old-fashioned.

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