Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kamalku Ascending

"Kamalku Ascending" from New Guardians #10 (DC, 1989) by Cary Bates, Pat Broderick and Ralph Cabrera
A product of Millennium, the New Guardians beg the question as to whether teams like this ever work. I'm reminded of the Blasters who debuted in the very next crossover, Invasion! Same deal. Mostly new characters with disparate powers and a common origin, with a former supporting player cast in the role of superhero/leader (Snapper Carr instead of Tom Kamalku). At least the Blasters didn't go beyond a Special. The New Guardians ran a whole year, and in that still-brief span, still tried to "fix" itself into a series worth our time, killing off members, butching up Extrano's stereotypically gay act, and deciding in the end to completely change the Guardians' mission by dropping them on an island of mutants, from which I can't remember them escaping. Why DC would choose to resurrect their NAME in the New52 is anyone's guess.

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