Monday, July 1, 2013

Will the Real Metamorpho Stand Up?

"Will the Real Metamorpho Stand Up?" from Metamorpho vol.1 #5 (DC, 1966) by Bob Haney, Joe Orlando and Charles Paris
Sometimes I think I should do a Chronological Bob Haney on the Blog of Geekery or something. I've done a lot his material already, mostly Teen Titans and Brave and the Bold. Metamorpho has escaped examination up 'til now though. Hey, what is it about shape-changers? Like Plastic Man and the Metal Men, Rex too has that tongue-in-cheek, cartoony quality that almost pushes his adventures into the realm of the humor comic. Certainly, for a book that only went 17 issues, it's got a really fanciful and memorable supporting cast.


  1. You're seriously contemplating trying to create a chronological..uh..chronology..of the Bob Haney Universe?? That's a dangerous game, friend-o. Stop before it's too late.

  2. It's one of three or four crazy daily schemes I'm thinking about for after Doctor Who dries up. It's not the frontrunner though.