Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What Do You Think?

"What Do You Think?" from New Titans #55 (DC, 1989) by Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Romeo Tanghal
George Perez is an awesome artist, but I question many of his costume designs. Troia, Jericho, even Deathstroke is a nightmare when you think about it. Looks like only Starfire is enchanted.

New Titans was a continuation of New Teen Titans from #51 to #130, before being replaced by the new ongoing Teen Titans in 1996 that starred a rejuvenated Atom and a bunch of forgettable newbies.


  1. While it must have been a nightmare to draw, I liked Toria's wild costume.

  2. Like the New52 costumes, Perez' designs seemed predicated on the designer being the only artist able to render the costume adequately.

  3. Donna Troy's - or, rather Troia's - costume here was hideous! It had far too many elements to it, and apparently was so difficult to draw, even Perez drew the line at one point and demanded its axe.
    The fragrant Donna did have some lovely variations of her costume tho, and Perez did her red one proud.

  4. The red was the best for me, though I think the old cut in starfield colors was a pretty cool compromise.

  5. Can you take the Comic Book Stance challenge? As often as possible in the day, for no reason at all, plant your feet like Donna's and try to interact with people like nothing's the matter.

    Jericho's got the right idea, but he's half-assing it. See if you can do better!