Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Johnny Quick and His Magic Formula

"Johnny Quick and His Magic Formula" from More Fun Comics #78 (Detective, 1942) by Joe Samachson(?) and Mort Meskin
The first comic book to feature all new material (cover dated Feb. 1935), New Fun, then More Fun, then finally with #9, More Fun Comics. Of course, most comics fans only start to care when superheroes started appearance. That's with #52 and the Spectre, though Siegel and Shuster's Dr. Occult appeared from 6 to 33. More Fun was also the home of Dr. Fate, Johnny Quick (and his magic formula, above), Green Arrow, Aquaman and Superboy. Had this not been one of the first comics, it might have had a more supernatural-sounding name, it looks like! After all those important premieres, it's kind of sad the book was turned into humor book from 109 to 127 (1947), sending its still-running superheroes to the new Adventure Comics.

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