Monday, August 5, 2013

AzBats Ain't No Outsider!

"AzBats Ain't No Outsider!" from Outsiders vol.2 #8 (DC, 1994) by Mike W. Barr, Paul Pelletier and Robert Campaniella
The new Batman didn't join the Outsiders, strangely. You'd think he'd have jumped at the opportunity. Cough. This is from the 90s volume of the Outsiders (sorry, of Outsiders, they dropped the "the"). Geo-Force gets branded a traitor to Markovia and new members join IN THAT COUNTRY, because that's all Markovia was ever good for - forcing people to join this sucky team. So Faust! Technocrat! Wylde! Yeah, I don't care. It lasted two years.

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