Thursday, August 29, 2013

Stupid Manhunters

"Stupid Manhunters" from Red Lanterns #0 (DC, 2012) by Peter Milligan, Adrian Syaf and Vicente Sifuente
Despite a couple of attempts, based on my liking Milligan and new write Choule on other things (and liking them a lot), I just can't get into the Angry Lantern Corps AT ALL. Part of it is War of Light fatigue - I dropped all the Lantern books early in the New52 - and part of it is not finding the characters interesting. I might have cared about the cat once, but Ed Benes couldn't draw him worth spit in the opening issue, and though later artists are more to my liking, it wasn't enough to draw me in.


  1. Gosh, Manhunters ARE stupid!

    I agree, I just couldn't get into the Red Lanterns when the book first debuted, but for the last three issues...or since Guy Gardner's been pretty darned good! And modestly amusing as well, which is always a bonus.

    Guy has the best lines. He always does.

  2. Well, Choule's humor is what I love most about his Swamp Thing, so I'd LIKE to give it (yet another) try, but I've got so much on my reading pile already...