Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If the Atom Were Real, This Would Happen All the Time

"If the Atom Were Real, This Would Happen All the Time" from Power of the Atom #1 (DC, 1988) by Roger Stern, Dwayne Turner and K.S. Wilson
I'm a big fan of the Atom, or at least, his powers. I can't say I've loved a lot of Ray's series. The original was very dry Silver Age stuff, and the Savage Sword stuff missed the point. I stuck to Ray Palmer longest in this under-appreciated series which offered solid superhero stuff, played around with the Atom's powers, and beefed up Chronos. Not spectacular, especially the art, but Stern can usually keep me interested.


  1. I like Ray Palmer as a character, mostly due to SOTA and the Peyer/Dillon special. The Gil Kane issues are great to look at, but the stories are dull and there are virtually no worthwhile villains to speak of. I think shrinking is a cool power, but Ray's the only one to use it in a manner to my liking. Next closest was Eric O'Grady, but that was more about his personality than his abilities.

  2. And at the price iPhones go these days, tsk tsk.

  3. I hate to bring it up, but someone is apparently holding a gun to my head because I'm about to. That telephone trick of Ray's wouldn't work anyway, because individual electrons move ridiculously slowly, like a fraction of a centimeter per second. What moves quickly is the electronic SIGNAL: one electron bumps the next which bumps the next, and that happens crazy fast.

    It's like a garden hose full of marbles: push one more marble in at the one end, and another marble pops out immediately at the other end. That doesn't mean the new marble traversed the length of the garden hose almost instantaneously, but the "signal" did.