Sunday, August 25, 2013

Starro World

"Starro World" from R.E.B.E.L.S. (vol.2) #8 (DC, 2009) by Tony Bedard and Andy Clarke
14 years after LEGION/REBELS wrapped up, Vril once again lost control of LEGION and went on the run in a new REBELS book. Is this an indication that people would not be interested in picking up a book called L.E.G.I.O.N., thinking perhaps it might require the same amount of knowledge that apparently sinks other Legion of Super-Heroes series? In any case, while I have had problems with some of Tony Bedard's writing - and REBELS did feature his principal flaw, stretching story lines out too long - I enjoyed his take on REBELS tremendously! Maybe you can't write a bad Vril Dox, I dunno. There were old faces like Strata and Garv, and new Legion precursors like Wildstar (Wildfire/Dawnstar) and Tribulus (Validus), and Bedard turned Starro into a major badass. Overexploited him, maybe, but that was all very cool. Of course, the REBELS were really LEGION for most of the run, without a title change, which was just weird.

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  1. I wish REBELS had continued...always wondered what happened to Stealth and Strata during the intervening years until we got the latest series.
    Did anyone else think like me that when the book went from LEGION to REBELS it basically became a superpowered version of Blakes Seven, with Vril [Avon] Garryn Bek [Vila] Captain Comet [Tarrant] Stealth and Phase [Cally and Dayna] and the 'living ship' [the Liberator].