Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Chamber of All

"The Chamber of All" from Red Hood and the Outlaws #3 (DC, 2012) by Scott Lobdell, Kenneth Rocafort and Blond
I'll admit it, despite the unfortunate sexism of the first issue (especially), the terrible title, Lobdell's participation, and that of Jason Todd, this book became a guilty pleasure  in the early days of the New52. It was all down to the "buddy movie" comedy between the two male leads, that's what I found entertaining. The plots themselves played on the irreverent humor element, though my eyes started glazing over every time Lobdell referenced whatever land of the lost Jason apparently trained in. That was all hogwash to me, something that seemed transplanted from some other book or even universe (like Dr. Veritas in his Superman). I quit the book when it started centering more on Starfire about which I care not a jot (especially in her current form). Rocafort's art sure is distinctive and not unpleasant, but there's no narrative motivation for the broken shard layouts he uses and that will always bug me.

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