Thursday, August 22, 2013

Primal Force Just Can't Win

"Primal Force Just Can't Win" from Primal Force #13 (DC, 1995) by Steven T. Seagle, Nicholas G. Choles and Barbara Kaalberg
Though I suppose the environmental angle was worthy, Primal Force seems more of an exercise in proving you can't have a successful team book in which Red Tornado is the star. Don't get me wrong, I love obscure characters and Primal Force had plenty - a new Claw the Unconquered, the Global Guardians' Jack O'Lantern, the Golem, even the Black Condor of the day was a B-lister despite having had his own series. But Red Tornado?! 15 issues isn't a bad run, but I'm afraid PF never really flew.


  1. I read the first few issues after the Zero Month launch. Then and now, my main thought is "what were they thinking?" I didn't get the impression Red Tornado was the main character, which only exacerbated the problem. Who was then? Genericwoman? Kid Stabby? Sergius O'Shaughnessy II? It's not like the art was ever going to carry the title, either. Even Xenobrood had flashy art for an issue or two...

  2. Even Jack, who had one of the cooler costumes in the Global Guardians, got fitting with a bag over his head instead! Importing Claw from a fantasy comic? What were they thinking, indeed!