Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ray Versus Brimstone

"Ray Versus Brimstone" from The Ray vol.2 #1 (DC, 1994) by Christopher Priest, Howard Porter and Robert Jones
As a fan of Golden Age characters, and thus of newer heroes following in those heroes' footsteps, I obviously was drawn to the new Ray. The mini-series with art by "newcomer" Joe Quesada(!) and the Priest series that followed. But my memories of it are really vague. Doctor Polaris... the ghost of his father the Golden Age Ray... flipping through these, I think they may be worth a re-read at some point. Or perhaps the mnemonic hole in my head means I shouldn't bother.

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  1. The Ray was the first DC character I really got into through comics. Well, it's him or Tim Drake. And that was through the mini-series. Whatever else I'd say about Quesada, he made the Ray visually distinctive in a way that stuck with me, positively. I remember thinking he looked so cool powered up and flying around.

    That provided enough good will for me to track down the ongoing a few years ago. I think the first year is stronger, because Priest starts referencing stuff from a JL book (either Extreme Justice or Task Force), and I started to feel lost. There's a lot about people not being what they appear, or trying to not be themselves, on top of the time travel and Happy Terril being a massive jerk. Also, lots of Vandal Savage.