Sunday, August 11, 2013

Watch Out for the Ice Giant

"Watch Out for the Ice Giant" from The Phantom Stranger vol.2 #19 (DC, 1972) by Len Wein and Jim Aparo
Len Wein and Jim Aparo did some of their best work on the 70s Phantom Stranger, a book I have yet to completely (re)discover. Not only does the art look great, but reading up on it, it seemed to have some pretty great back-up. I'm less interested in the Dr. Thirteen stuff than I am Wolfman and Kaluta's Spawn of Frankenstein, or the Black Orchid stories continuing from Adventure Comics. The quality of the main strip wained before it hit its 41 issue mark, but I really want to see the bit where the Phantom Stranger gets mugged, and just how cool his nemesis Tannarak apparently is (damn you, research, you make me want to read more commmmiiiiccccsssssssss!).

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