Sunday, August 18, 2013

Power Girl Cosplay

"Power Girl Cosplay" from Power Girl vol.2 #26 (DC, 2011) by Matthew Sturges and Hendry Prasetya
One the series I miss most from just before Flashpoint, Power Girl was delightful, funny and sexy. It didn't seem to matter who wrote or drew it, it was just plain FUN. DC's best female-led series since maybe Manhunter. Yes, PG co-stars in World's Finest, and on its best days, it approaches the same qualities (especially in the flashback sequences drawn by Kevin Maguire), but I miss the focus on Kara as businesswoman and tech magnate, I miss her relationship to the new Terra, I miss the anything-goes sensibility that introduced Vartox as a love interest, and I miss that ugly old cat. Sigh.

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