Monday, August 26, 2013

Ragman the Tatterdemalion

"Ragman the Tatterdemalion" from Ragman vol.1 #1 (DC, 1976) by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert and the Redondo Studio
The people's hero, it's a little like Kanigher and Kubert wanted to create a Sgt. Rock for the ghetto, telling stories of ordinary folks through the character. The five issues of this short-lived series have that vibe about them. The mini-series of the 90s (all longer than the original monthly!) would give Ragman more of a mythology, tying him into Jewish legends and making Rory Reagan not the first to wear the rags and cloak. The Giffen/Broderick series might have a made a good ongoing. I liked what they had there.

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  1. I could never appreciate the supernatural reboot, and read little of it as a result. Seemed like an excellent example of missing the point entirely while pandering to a popular trend.