Monday, August 19, 2013

The Many Faces of Captain Marvel

"The Many Faces of Captain Marvel" from Power of Shazam! #27 (DC, 1997) by Jerry Ordway, Peter Krause and Mike Manley
I love this tribute to all the character who'd been called Captain Marvel (to date), with Mar-Vell (with original planet on chest look and in Rick Jones-swapping mode), Monica Rambeau, and even the M.F. Enterprises Cap with the weird disassembling powers! And Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, can't forget him! Power of Shazam was, for me, the last time the Marvel Family was any good in standard DC continuity. Jerry Ordway managed to keep it sweet without mocking the property, and developed Fawcett City (good idea!) into its own worthy realm of the DC Universe. I've got to reread it sometimes.


  1. I believe the "planet on chest" look CM is a dual nod to the Marvel CM and Eliot S! Maggin's Captain Thunder-analogue.