Friday, May 17, 2013

A Justice League, Not THE Justice League

"A Justice League, Not THE Justice League" from Justice League of America vol.3 #1 (DC, 2013) by Geoff Johns and David Finch
So I'm record saying I can't stand the current Justice League book. A second title pops up, this one, and it's even worse. Unlikable characters, another boring government-controlled set-up, and Finch's horrible art. When Vibe is your most engaging member, you might be doing something wrong. Really, I can't understand how Johns can be writing these anti-heroism books when he's got things on his CV like Adventure Comics' Superboy stories. Not the same man, at all.


  1. That page also demonstrates why Finch is so must have taken hours to arrange those heroes so only Batman's feet showed...

    I've also noticed how Johns' current work, both in JL and GL, have devolved onto a)anyone in authority is evil b)no one trusts heroes c)heroes are jerks. You have to wonder what happened to make him seemingly dislike the genre so...

  2. It has been quite dreary, hasn't it?

    And I don't understand, because Geoff Johns CAN write, but I have to wonder if this is Bizarro Johns or something.

  3. Its a shame isn't it? Justice League was my entry drug into comics and its been the only constant in 35+ years of collecting (with a few exceptions). John's writing and the art on both JL series have been so bad I can't even hate read them anymore. What's worse is the sales are high, so there's no impetus to change anything. Maybe I really have out-grown funny books finally?

  4. Well these aren't very funny.

    The books I most look forward to these days usually ARE funny though, whether it's clever superhero stuff like Daredevil, Hawkeye and Edison Rex, charming all-ages fare like Aw Yeah Comics, or crazy action books like Archer & Armstrong.

  5. I don't get Johns' newfound cynicism either, especially in light of not only the Superboy Adventure Comics series but also that Superman/Legion story in Action Comics. Those stories made it seem like he got heroics. Here it looks like he clearly doesn't.