Thursday, May 30, 2013

Primeval Wolves

"Primeval Wolves" from Kong the Untamed #2 (DC, 1975) by Jack O'Leck and Alfredo Alcala
With superheroes kind of on the wane, the mid-70s were a time of trying all sorts of stuff, especially at Joe Orlando's office it seems. Kong was an attempt at a new caveman comic, if not a particularly realistic ones (plenty of dinosaurs in it). It's basically Anthro with a twist - he's got blond hair! Or maybe it's Rahan with a twist - he's a kid! Whatever. Kong lasted 5 measly issues. When do we get our Demon Knights-like caveman title starring Kong, Anthro, Vandal Savage, Immortal Man and (on loan from the Kubert estate) Tor?

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