Sunday, May 12, 2013

Creeping Towards Kingdom Come

"Creeping Towards Kingdom Come" from Justice League: Generation Lost #11 (DC, 2011) by Judd Winick, Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan
Not that it matters. Any of it. More than the promises made by Brightest Day, JLGen Lost really infuriated me when the Flushpoint invalidated its reconstitution of the old JLI (with the new Blue Beetle in place of Ted Kord, but still a Blue Beetle). Though more serious than the 80s-90s comics, there was still a pretty hilarious Rocket Red and all the characters best associated with that era of the Justice League (and, like J'Onn, not associated with any other), like Booster Gold, Fire and Ice, Captain Atom and Power Girl. Maxwell Lord was in it too, as a villain, which was perhaps unfortunate. That's a character I feel was tainted by the events he was forced on him by big stupid crossover events, and here was the perfect place to purge him of Ted's murder, etc. But no, still a douchebag villain. Not that it matters.

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  1. JLI Generation Lost, just infuriated me...because I suppose, it could have been so much better than it was. It had so many of my favorite characters together again...and then it just went completely off of the rails, with its totally bizarre renditions of some of the characters...mainly Ice...and Max as a villain, who kept insisting he ws a good guy, and it all turned into a huge mess.