Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Returning Heroes

"Returning Heroes" from Justice Society of America vol.2 #1 (DC, 1992) by Len Strazewski, Mike Parobeck and Mike Machlan
After a Strazewski-penned 8-issues limited series in which the JSA fought Vandal Savage in the 50s,  the writer was given an ongoing series to play around in. This one took place in the present day, and featured characters that had uncommon vitality, but still showed their age, and who wondered if there was a place for them and their values in the 1990s. Readers decided there wasn't. This version of the JSA was apparently too light and character-driven for the target demographic. It lasted 10 issues before Zero Hour took care of the JSA permanently. And by permanently, I mean for the next 8 years.


  1. I loved this series from the cast to the Parobeck artwork. Well worth seeking out for anyone who hasn't read it.

  2. *sniff*

    Dang, I love those old farts. That's one of the reasons why the new 52 universe is really beginning to pall for JSA.
    At least not the REAL JSA.

  3. I loved the series; however, I've heard accounts the reasons the series was cancelled wasn't because of the lack of readers, but rather Mike Carlin didn't like the series. Allegedly he felt the series made DC look old.

    Either way, at least it brought Jesse Quick into the DCU.