Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pulp Never Seemed so Sci-Fi

"Pulp Never Seemed so Sci-Fi" from Justice Inc. vol.1 #3 (DC, 1975) by Denny O'Neil, Jack Kirby and Mike Royer
The Avenger is a pulp hero like the Shadow, Doc Savage, etc., one that can change his features to look like anyone. Adapting bits from the original pulp novels by Kenneth Robeson, but not necessarily, the series lasted only four issues, three of which were drawn by Jack Kirby. A weird fit, and I imagine it's why the stories suddenly tended to monsters and aliens. There was also a two-issue Justice Inc. book by Helfer and Baker, trying to do what they had with The Shadow, and more recently, Justice Inc. was a back-up in one of the First Wave books.


  1. WEIRD BUT TRUE TRIVIA: all three Jack Kirby-illustrated issues featured the villain dying by falling from a great height!

  2. It's a classic.

    The number of times Dr Doom did it...