Sunday, May 26, 2013

Historical Figures: Good vs. Evil

"Historical Figures: Good vs. Evil" from Kid Eternity vol.1 #15 (Quality, 1949) by William Woolfolk and Pete Riss
I love love love the idea of Kid Eternity summoning up historical figures to help him, and Master Man, who summons bad guys from hell itself should have been a recurring villain. Sadly, modern takes on the Kid haven't captured the charm or educational remit of the idea. Also see the Star Trek episode The Savage Curtain.


  1. Well...evil historical figures sometimes depends upon your point of view. I'm sure that the rest of the Huns thought that Attila was pretty swell.

  2. I'd be fine with most historical figures showing up on either side. Their better angel or worse devil, so to speak. Attila was up against a decadent Roman Empire, after all. They're just as bad or worse.

  3. So who's who in that splash? Nobody is immediately recognizable except Lincoln.

  4. In the evil corner, Master Man with Torquemada and Batu Khan. Rasputin was in the story, but isn't in the group shot, so I'll hazard a guess on the other two and say they're Benedict Arnold and Blackbeard the pirate.

    In the good corner, Kid Eternity and Mister Keeper stand with football legend Knute Rockne, cowboy Will Rogers, Lincoln and French crusader Charles Martel.