Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In the Future, Superhero Comics Will Only Be About Superheroes Fighting Each Other

"In the Future, Superhero Comics Will Only Be About Superheroes Fighting Each Other" from Kingdom Come #4 (DC, 1996) by Mark Waid and Alex Ross
Yeah, I don't cover mini-series very often, but Kingdom Come is too important. In many ways, it's the Watchmen of its time, isn't it? Just like Watchmen, other writers tried to copy its success by drawing all the wrong lessons from it. That's how an allegory for amoral 90s anti-heroes supplanting their Bronze, Silver and Golden Age superheroic forebears became a call for just more amoral 90s anti-heroes. Sigh. Somehow, Kingdom Come's legacy hasn't been a return to heroic ideals, but rather 15 years of Magog, Superboy-Prime and nasty Marvel Family stories. There was a war and we lost...


  1. Pretty much the same way people misread Superior Spider-Man, claiming that Slott is saying that Otto actually is better than Peter. Subtlety may be lost on comic fans...

  2. I think subtlety is lost on people who talk about things they haven't actually read/experienced.

    I have a friend who is very much like this, supplementing his geek cred with opinions OBVIOUSLY cribbed off the Internet, NOT arrived at independently. This "according to fan wisdom" attitude is thoroughly annoying to me, even if I'm sure I've done it myself.

  3. Subtlety? Pshaw!

    Oddly enough I prefer my heroes to actually fight...villains. Or go on zany adventures. One or the other.