Monday, May 20, 2013

Ignore the Nightwing Behind the Curtain

"Ignore the Nightwing Behind the Curtain" from Justice League Task Force #1 (DC, 1993) by David Michelinie, Sal Veluto and Jeff Albrecht
JL Task Force was sort of JLA meets Suicide Squad with less dying. J'Onn J'Onzz oversaw missions with a rotating cast of Justice Leaguers, both old (Flash, Aquaman, Gipsy, etc.) and new (Nightwing, Bronze Tiger, Triumph, etc.). It's like suddenly anyone could be drafted into the Justice League (a bit like what the Avengers have since become). I didn't stick with the book for long, and looking at my old books looking for a splash I can see why. After the first year, it seemed to quickly devolve into 90s superheroics, and even before then has some strange ideas. J'Onn turns into the Martian Manhuntress, for example, and there's the scene above, where ponytailed Nightwing was standing behind a curtain for an entire scene... I don't dislike Veluto's art (though it's rather dependent on who's inking), but his dramatic staging is weird to say the least.


  1. That first arc was particularly weird; Nightwing was played as a wild card rebel, a smartassing hotshot who was vocally distrusted and put down by the veterans like Aquaman and the Flash (amazingly, the Wally West version)...

  2. He's going to break that nice little table, if he's not careful. But goodness...he's certainly lovingly...rendered!