Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cold War

"Cold War" from Justice League Adventures #12 (DC, 2002) by Christopher Sequeira, Min S. Ku and Mark Propst
Why has this supervillain team never been assembled in the proper DC universe?! Polar Lord?! Brilliant! Does it need to be said that comics based on the WB cartoon were often better than a lot of mainstream fare? Well if it does, I'm saying it here. I loved the Justice League cartoon on TV, and I don't remember a bad issue of their comics Adventures either.


  1. If I can make an RPG comparison, some folks say that the most creative D&D stuff in the 80's was in the "Basic" D&D line, and not the flagship-official "Advanced" D&D line. Perhaps there's something about working in the non-serious "ghetto" branch of a property that allows for more freedom to explore where the rich veins are.

  2. I would agree with that hypothesis. It's at least part of the equation.