Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Burning Comics

"Burning Comics" from Kobra #5 (DC, 1976) by Martin Pasko, Rich Buckler and Frank McLaughlin
Those old Kobra comics are a lot like the original Eclipso stories, which I suppose is the prototypical DC supervillain comic, in that they feature a secondary protagonist trying to stop the villain, in this case Kobra's separated-at-birth Siamese twin! Well, until he DIES!!! Despite a first issue by Jack Kirby, the book didn't make it very far (#7 to be precise). Still, though Kobra was created for this series, he managed to stick around a long time and went on to what I'd almost call the A-list of villains. The B+ list at least.

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  1. The issue with artwork by Mike Nassar were magnificent.