Saturday, May 25, 2013

Karate Kid vs. Cavemen

"Karate Kid vs. Cavemen" from Karate Kid #11 (DC, 1977) by Jack C. Harris and Ric Estrada
DC's attempt to get into the 70s kung fu craze is rather odd. A 30th-century Legionnaire whose unique power is "super-karate" goes back in time to "find himself" in the 20th century. It's about two layers too complicated. There's nothing about the Karate Kid solo series that's especially interesting, either in the writing or the art, and it's no surprise it lasted only 15 issues. Same as Marvel's original Iron Fist, I suppose, though the Fist continued his adventures with a partner, and very much short of Shang-Chi reaching #125. No, the character's longest-lasting legacy is that the Karate Kid movies have to acknowledge DC Comics in their credits.

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  1. There is nothing about that page that isn't absolutely fabulous.