Sunday, September 2, 2012

Admittedly Too Weird

"Admittedly Too Weird" from Aztec: The Ultimate Man #9 (DC, 1997) by Grant Morrison, Mark Millar, N. Steven Harris and Keith Champagne

Aztek is an off-beat little series birthed by Grant Morrison that lasted only 10 issues, but at least he got to be a member of the JLA and appear in Justice League Unlimited, right? It's a book I should take out of the long boxed and re-read some day, because truth be told, I don't remember very much in the way of details. Aztek had been raised by a secret society in South America. His powers were four-dimensional and accessed through his rather fantastic helmet, but he had also been trained to the peak of human potential. Shades of Peter Cannon - Thunderbolt? To make sure the series was dead quirky, it was set in Vanity City, a new place to explore in the DCU. Sadly, we never really got a chance to. I'd have moved all the weirdos there, like the Doom Patrol, etc.

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