Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Long Live Batman Japan

"Long Live Batman Japan" from Batman Incorporated vol.1 #2 (DC, 2011) by Grant Morrison, Yannick Paquette and Michel Lacombe

Grant Morrison has an excellent track record of reinventing Batman and making it seem a completely valid interpretation even within the canon. The psychological metaphor of Arkham Asylum. The super-prepared Batman JLA. Resolving the "every Batman story ever written happened" idea. And after Bruce Wayne returned from his trip into time, Batman Inc. Batman as franchise. Batman openly financed by Bruce Wayne. Batman as mentor to many more heroes, in Gotham and in other countries. Batman as team. Not for the first time, Morrison mines an old Silver Age idea, the "Club of Heroes" he brought back in his Batman run, but he makes it fresh and relevant for our era. When he leaves the book in 2013, we'll see how well the pure premise (i.e. absent Morrison's trademark strangeness) will help tell unique Batman stories.


  1. Oh, I rather think there's zero chance the book continues when Morrison is gone. It's premises run so counter to everything nu52, it seems certain they revived it just to keep Grant happy.

  2. I thought nu52 was all about having as many Batman books on the stands as possible.