Friday, September 28, 2012

The Penguin and the Riddler - Crossdressers!

"The Penguin and the Riddler - Crossdressers!" from Birds of Prey vol.1 #74 (DC, 2004) by Gail Simone, Jim Fern and Steve Bird

I must admit, I've never been into a Birds of Prey ongoing series. I bought and read all the specials and minis (usually by Chuck Dixon) because I liked the Black Canary/Oracle partnership (and the TV show's Oracle/Huntress relationship), but the ongoing came at a time where I was cutting back. Gail Simone, a much better fit for this project than Dixon, came on midstream, but was partnered with Ed Benes, a cheesecake artist I cannot stomach. So aside from an issue here and there, I never successfully managed to get into a book with a premise I find quite worthy. I love female characters, especially when they're done right, and Birds of Prey became filled with them. The second ongoing, strapped as it was to Brightest Day, was another chance to jump on, but it didn't work for me at all. The New52 series, though it looks pretty and is written by a writer I liked on Immortal Iron Fist, likewise failed to capture my imagination. And that's why you won't see splashes from any other volumes in the comic days.

Fancy dress credits: The Penguin is Black Canary, and the Riddler is the Huntress.


  1. I hate to be "semantics guy," but I don't think "transgendered" is really the word you are looking for here.