Friday, September 14, 2012

Batgirl vs. Catwoman

"Batgirl vs. Catwoman" from Batman Confidential #17 (DC, 2008) by Fabian Nicieza and Kevin Maguire

Another Batman anthology series, this one in the style of Legends of the Dark Knight, in which a new creative team would come on every few months to tell their own stand-alone arc, Confidential produced both good and bad, but my choice of splash comes from what I believed at the time (I guess I still do) should be the formula for a Barbara Gordon Batgirl comic. It was funny, well illustrated, and didn't remove Oracle from the DCU. It was just a fun flashback story going back to Barb's Batgirl career. After all, if Batman can have series dedicated to his "Year 1", why can't other heroes' adventures take place in the recent past instead of the present? Sadly, that's not what we got.


  1. I read the single issues and bought the trade. It really is a very fun(ny) book to read. And I agree, there's nothing like Barbara as Batgirl. Did you read the Booster Gold arc where he kept trying to fix a scene that involved Babs fighting Killer Moth in a museum?

  2. He needn't have bothered. Just had to wait for the Flushpoint.

  3. Man, I just loved this with a white hot passion. Nothing like Maguire artwork, and it was hilarious to boot.

    I miss stuff like this.

  4. Unfortunately, the DCU doesn't actually have a past anymore.