Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Things That Make You Shout Batgirl!

"Things That Make You Shout Batgirl!" from Batgirl vol.3 #15 (DC, 2011) by Bryan Q. Miller, Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs

Now HERE'S a Batgirl I liked a heck of a lot. Though I remember Stephanie Brown's first appearances as Spoiler, the character was never all that compelling to me. She was Robin's answer to Catwoman, but wore a lackluster costume and had a generic name. As the benefactor of the Batgirl legacy, I really fell in love with her character (and Barbara in the mentor role put me in mind of the better-than-you-remember Birds of Prey TV series). She was a fun-loving though responsible college student, had her own supporting cast, a dark past (her father is the Cluemaster) that didn't overwhelm her personality, and it's a great shame that DC didn't ask Bryan Q. Miller to write a series for the New52. His Batgirl was one of the most solid superhero books at the time.


  1. ...His father was Cluemaster, Calculator was Proxy's father..

  2. Completely right, I blame a brain freeze on that one, and the two names sounding so similar.