Monday, September 10, 2012

Bat and Bird in Flight

"Bat and Bird in Flight" from Batman and Robin vol.1 #1 (DC, 2009) by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

It seems unbelievable that a series called Batman and Robin wasn't published until 2009 (the animation-related Batman and Robin Adventures, and of course, the film franchise, both got there first). This book was awesome when it was about the Dick Grayson Batman and the Damian Robin, but the dynamic was so changed when Bruce Wayne became the sole Batman again, that I tuned out. Batman (any Batman) as a mentor, I like. Batman as a gruff father, I don't. Or maybe it's that Damian was hilarious as the kid who didn't really respect Dick, but is much more dour as the son trying to impress his father. In any case, this isn't a title I followed into the New52.

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