Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Demonic Duo

"The Demonic Duo" from Batman: The Dark Knight vol.1 #5 (DC, 2011) by David Finch and Jason Fabok, with an army of inkers

It's probably ironic that the splash I chose from David Finch's solo Batman book wasn't even drawn by him, but then, this is a series that ran for more than a year and produced only 5 issues before being rebooted back to #1. It's STILL supposed to be a David Finch solo book, but to keep it on track, it has a co-writer and guest artists, I do believe. So my question is, if Finch is such a draw that you would give him this kind of contract, isn't he breaking that contract by not delivering the goods on a timely basis? AND if Finch's art has so many fans, what happens to sales when he's not actually drawing the book? Looks like a very bad deal DC made, and it means having a subpar Batman book (sadly, not the only one from my perspective) on the stands. And I don't mean that it's a poor book because Finch isn't consistently on it. I mean it's a poor book because he's on it at all. The art and story telling really aren't very good, which makes Finch a cousin to Rob Liefeld, if you'll accept the comparison.

Researching the art, I came across this Demonic Duo gag from issue 5 and chuckled. So sometimes the crazy EXTREME!!!! style has some flair and fun to it.

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