Sunday, September 16, 2012

Slash Option: The Wedding of Batgirl and Robin

"Slash Option: The Wedding of Batgirl and Robin" from Batman Family vol.1 #11 (DC, 1977) by Bob Rozakis, Curt Swan and Vince Colletta

An often-mentioned "slash option", but remains fan-fictional since Dick and Barbara never really sealed the deal even if they dated for a little while. This splash makes me think all superhero weddings should be conducted in tux and wedding dress versions of the characters' costumes NO MATTER WHAT. Where are the action figures from this?

As for Batman Family, it was a mid-70s anthology series mostly featuring members of Batman's supporting cast of heroes, with original stuff and reprints from older stories. Wiki informs me that it brought back the forgotten Batwoman from limbo and also introduced Duela Dent, who I thought was a much more recent character. The article also says Batman Family was a better seller than Detective Comics in its day and that DC almost axed Detective at the time, instead cancelling Family after 20 issues and giving 'Tec its mandate.


  1. As I've been cutting my pull list, I've been using the money and picking up copies of both "Batman Family" and "Superman Family".... Fun reads and usually less than $2....

  2. When back issues are cheaper and more fun than what's on the stands...

  3. BF was a very neat book and at one point Duela insisted she was The Riddler's daughter, too. Right near the end of the run. You are right about the action figures, I think we need one of the priest with the two pistols, too. Make him look like a villain more, not priestly. These should be collected. If they can do a trade of Haney's Super-Sons, they can do Congresswoman Gordon and her young boyfriend Richard.

  4. Where on earth, did Babs manage to find a white cowl, complete with veil to go with her white batsuit?

  5. It's not easy being a bride. That's why it takes a year to plan a wedding.