Saturday, September 22, 2012

Santa Strange

"Santa Strange" from Batman: The Brave and the Bold #12 (DC, 2012) by Landry Q. Walker and Eric Jones

The comic based on the animated series based on the (older) comic is as good as the animated series based on the (older) comic. If you follow. Just as fun. Just as crazy. And with no holds barred on the choice of guest star (and villain). This is a cartoon show that gave plenty of play to both B'wana Beast and Crazy Quilt.

I don't yet miss the cartoon, because I missed nearly all of it when first aired (schedules, channels), and still have a few DVDs to get through. I'm jealously rationing them. But I do miss the comic, that monthly dose of extra Brave and the Bold, and an excellent example of a quality all-ages comic that I wish more limited-ages comics were like.

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