Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Paris Creeper

"The Paris Creeper" from Beware the Creeper vol.2 #1 (Vertigo, 2003) by Jason Hall and Cliff Chiang

Sorry folks, Steve Ditko's cramped, claustrophobic page layouts don't allow for very many splashes (exactly 0 in the original Beware the Creeper series), so it's up to the Vertigo version of the title to provide. We'll get back to Jack Ryder's alter ego in due course (under the letter "C"), so for now, let's explore this unrelated take on the concept (unrelated, but there is a disturbing image of a stripper painted in the classic Creeper's colors in the series). In reality, the new Creeper has a lot more in common with the JLE's Crimson Fox than Ryder. The series is about twin sisters in 1925 Paris, one a playwright, the other a surrealist painter. One of them is raped (by now, disturbingly a cliché) and suddenly the Creeper is jumping off rooftops terrorizing the malefactors. But which sister is she?


  1. I've never been able to find every issue of this series and, with Chiang art, I would have thought there'd have been a trade.

  2. Feel through the cracks I guess, like a lot of mini-series, but it is surprising given that Vertigo caters to the wait-for-the-trade crowd.