Monday, September 24, 2012

Cape Fear

Photobucket "Cape Fear" from Batwoman #4 (DC, 2012) by J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman

Williams III's splashes aren't full-page panels so much as they are graphically unified panel layouts. Beautiful, beautiful graphic artifacts regardless of the story being told, and it could be said that while his Batwoman stories are by no means bad (though slowly paced and at times confusingly structured), his art elevates the whole project and make the issues he's drawn, at least, worthy of a comic fan's attention. It's a good thing because titles featuring minority characters are traditionally low-sellers, though perhaps the Batman Family protects Kate Kane from such pecuniary concerns. In any case, we have in Batwoman a unique mainstream superhero showcase for not only a gay woman, but one in a relationship as well (a pretty complicated one).

This is one of those books that was supposed to come in pre-New52, then was delayed to coincide with the relaunch, so it's pretty much an Old52 book. It's got Old52 stalwarts like Maggie Sawyer, Cameron Chase and Mr. Bones in it, after all. Any chance of seeing Kate Spencer, at least as an attorney if not Manhunter, in Batwoman? It would seem to fit the book's profile. Especially now that it would seem the character is to show up in the (Green) Arrow TV show...

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