Thursday, September 20, 2012

Send in the Inmates

"Send in the Inmates" from Batman: Shadow of the Bat #3 (DC, 1992) by Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle

When Shadow of the Bat was added to the Batman release schedule, matching Superman's own one-book-a-week scheme (hard to believe today Superman was there first), I was overjoyed that Norm Breyfogle was the artist, and sad to see him go after only a handful of issues (he was still doing issues of Detective, thankfully). Alan Grant did write the majority of the series' almost 100 issues though. Today, I'm thinking Grant is an underrated Batman writer. Is it just me? His contribution in 90s Batman books is pretty substantial, and having cut his teeth on Judge Dredd, he certainly had a way with nutbar villains. Shadow of the Bat's first story, for example, introduced Mr. Zsasz who was deemed worthy of a cameo in Batman Begins.

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