Saturday, September 29, 2012

Taking the Fishnets Off

"Taking the Fishnets Off" from Black Canary vol.2 #2 (DC, 1993) by Sarah E. Byam, Tevor von Eeden and Bob Smith

Black Canary's is one of the few hardcover Archive editions I bought full price, because the Golden Age Black Canary kicks serious ass. And yes, so does her daughter the current Black Canary, but none of her solo projects were all that awesome. She thrived in Birds of Prey, but otherwise, it seemed like her solo projects were predicated on whether or not she was dating Green Arrow at the time. "Are they still on a break? No? Then she can slum in GA's book." What DC failed to realize was that she was a much better character than Green Arrow. He's HER sidekick, as far as I'm concerned. But I kid, I kid, because the Byam/von Eeden monthly series (which followed the success of their Canary mini and would last all of 12 issues) obviously began with Oliver Queen still sharing bedspace with her (above).


  1. I bought all the All-Star archives, Starman, and BC before I really knew how much I could save (if there were savings back then) on Amazon. That 12 issue series crashed and burned, giving Dinah a butch haircut and leather outfit by the end. One of my long boxes still holds those issues, plus all the Birds of Prey incarnations and the various Batgirl issues, from Detective on up.

    I would really like to see Robinson try and give us a take on an Earth-2 BC. In my perfect world, she'd be hanging around with Hourman, my favorite Golden Age character.

  2. I feel like they never really knew what to do with a partnerless Black Canary (whether that's Oli or Barbara). Just put her on a motorcycle and let her kick booty, it's a no-brainer.

    As for the new Earth2, we at least know Rex Tyler exists there (from pharmaceutical ads seen in the background).