Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gal Gardner

"Gal Gardner" from Guy Gardner: Warrior #42 (DC, 1996) by Beau Smith, Marc Campos and Dan Davis
The 90s, everybody! From its 17th issue, Guy Gardner's series added "Warrior" to the title, and progressively became a 90s distorted art nightmare with stories such as the gender-bending one above. As you can see, we're pretty far from the ring-bearer of old. But that's Guy's story. Even after he loses Sinestro's ring, he refuses to quit. He gets an exosuit that is soon destroyed. Then a ring-created energy suit. Then he drank from a sacred chalice in the Amazon that unlocked alien DNA inserted into his bloodline a 1000 years before and developed shape-shifting powers. After that, he opened a bar called Warriors where Arisia, Wildcat, Lady Blackhawk and Lead of the Metal Men were bouncers. A lot of fun ideas, if the 90s aesthetic didn't make it look all so EXTREME!!! The book was cancelled after issue 44, though it would be almost a decade before Guy rejoined the Corps, his alien DNA overwritten in the events of Green Lantern: Rebirth.


  1. I'd have gone with the splash page of him/her modelling...

  2. Gosh, this was a particularly hilarious issue. Frankly, I loved those Guy Gardner books. The art was pretty bad, but the stories themselves were wonderfully twisted. And for a change, female Guy actually was wearing MORE clothes than male Guy!

    The bit with him in the french maid outfit is particularly humorous.