Friday, March 1, 2013

Move Over, Sinestro!

"Move Over, Sinestro!" from Green Lantern Corps vol.1 #219 (DC, 1987) by Steve Englehart, Bill Willingham and Robert Campanella
Oh these Lanterns, no sooner do you get attached to one, another comes along. Ironically, Green Lantern vol.2 became Green Lantern Corps when the Corps collapsed, and big name Lanterns all came to chill in California, where they oversaw, among other things, the Millennium event and the birth of the original New Guardians. Hal, John and their girlfriends Arisia and Katma Tui were of course in it, but it really put Kilowog, Salaak and even Ch'p on the map.

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  1. Oh Katma! One of my favorite Lanterns. Whose casual off-panel death was one of the stupidest in the history of DC. And there are a LOT of stupid deaths at DC!

    But Katma is amazing.