Wednesday, March 20, 2013


"Robo-Hawkgirl" from Hawkgirl #61 (DC, 2007) by Walt Simonson and Renato Arlem
When DC skipped to "1 Year Later", Hawkman vol.4 became Hawkgirl with #50 and until its cancellation with #66. It didn't star Shiera Hall, not really, but rather Kendra Saunders, a girl inhabited by Shiera's soul after her suicide left her an empty vessel. What? A convoluted origin for a Hawk-character? UNHEARD OF! Yeah, and at some point, she was incarnated as a big-ass mech (above). Best not to ask about such matters. Kendra fans are well served today by the Earth2 book, where she's been shunted in rebooted form.

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