Sunday, March 17, 2013

Old Gangsters Never Die

"Old Gangsters Never Die" from Hawk and Dove vol.3 #4 (DC, 1989) by Karl & Barbara Kesel, Greg Guler and Scott Hanna
The Untouchables? Just the kind of fun, light, solid superhero action I associate with the Kesels. After the surprising success of their H&D mini-series which introduced a new female Dove (though I expect up-and-comer Rob Liefeld had something to do with it, he's never looked better than under Kesel's inks), the book went to series without Liefeld. I enjoyed the mix of action, fantasy, humor and soap opera as the two heroes were tied into DC's greater mythology by making them avatars of the Lords of Chaos and Order. Unfortunately, when it was about to be canceled, DC turned Hawk into a last-minute replacement for Captain Atom as Armageddon 2001's Monarch. One of the DCU's stupidest moves ever.

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  1. That really was one of DC's idiotic moves. But then...there have been so many.