Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jonah Hex, City Rat: The Precedent

"Jonah Hex, City Rat: The Precedent" from Hex #11 (DC, 1986) by Michael Fleisher, Mark Texeira, Carlos Garzon and Pablo Marcos
Not so much an attempt to make Jonah Hex relevant to the kids of the mid-80s, sending Hex to a post-apocalyptic future was Fleisher telling a story he'd always wanted to tell using an established character whose book's sales were starting to flag. I've got Hex on my list of books I want to finish collecting and read, but the issues I have don't exactly turn my crank, not even the strange ones drawn by Keith Giffen at the end of the short run. I'd always thought Jonah Hex was such a strong character, he was essentially bad-story-proof. Does Hex test that theory, Jonah fans?


  1. I never could really get into the FutureHex stories. Maybe if they had left him in his cowboy hat?

  2. Yeah, why WOULD Hex change his look? Dude wore his Confederate uniform long after the Civil War was over.