Monday, March 11, 2013

Silent Punching

"Silent Punching" from Guy Gardner #3 (DC, 1992) by Gerard Jones, Joe Staton and Terry Beatty
All hail Gerard Jones, grand poobah of the Green Lantern franchise in the early 90s. He was writing three series by himself, one straight superhero, another weird philosophy and social commentary, and the last, comedy. Guy Gardner spun out of the Prestige-format mini-series Guy Gardner: Reborn and into his own book, wielding Sinestro's yellow ring after losing the green, long before Lanterns routinely switched colors. Guy Gardner's story is a compelling one: He's the superhero who simply won't retire. When he loses his powers, he goes on a quest to find new ones. For 16 issues, Guy used the yellow ring to fight the good fight, but he would lose that too. (To be continued tomorrow.)


  1. Oh thank favorite Green Lantern! Those early Jones issues were a hoot. Heck ALL of the issues in that series were a hoot!

  2. Wait, your favorite Lantern is GUY? For some reason I though it was... hmm, I'm actually hard-pressed to name either of the three other Earth Lanterns here. You've shown great love for all of them.

  3. His picture is my icon!

    Yes, I love Hal, and Kyle and John, and Kilowog and all the rest, but my absolute favorite is Guy.

  4. I guess I always thought of your icon as Jimmy Olsen's Turtle Boy, which didn't make any sense. I feel rather embarrassed.