Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lex Concord 2776 - The Future Is Now!

"Lex Concord 2776 - The Future Is Now!" from The Heckler #6 (DC, 1993) by Keith Giffen, Tom & Mary Bierbaum and Steve Mitchell
It's not because it's not Ambush Bug that Giffen can't throw a fake comic book cover (a Kirby tribute, no less) at us! The Heckler only lasted 6 issues before DC pulled the plug, showing how that man never got the credit he deserved. IS THERE a comics pro who's had MORE series cancelled prematurely out from under him? The Heckler was a crazy mix of Ambush Bug and the Creeper, and held a lot of promise. My favorite villain was the Generic Man. I wish we'd spent more time in Delta City. Giffen brought the Heckler's hometown back in Doom Patrol, but not the hero himself. He was rescued from Limbo by Superman during Final Crisis too... Comedy heroes, like mister Giffen himself, don't get no respect in the DCU, especially these days.

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